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The best protection you'll never see!

About Clear Bumper

Clear Bumper came about as a solution to one of the most common problems that body shop customers have: bumper dings, scrapes, and dents. Unlike old-fashioned chrome and rubber bumpers, the exteriors of modern bumpers just aren't that durable. As a result, most any city car you see will bear the scars from the daily battle for parking. On the other hand, who would want to install bumper protectors that used to be available: black, bulky covers that ruined the look of your car?
We were inspired by the protection used on another part of the car that is also frequently under attack: the hood. Could we use the same clear, transparent film used for hood protection? Well, what we discovered is that hood films are too thin to provide sufficient bumper protection. 8 mils might be enough to protect you from road chips and debris, but it wouldn't protect you from the force of another automobile. After much searching and experimentation we not only sourced a 12 mil-thick protective film, but also worked it into a cost-effective solution for our customers. Thus Clear Bumper was born!
Our film strips are designed to cover the areas on a bumper that are most likely to be affected by parking damage. Our competitors would like you to believe that you need your entire bumper to be covered and charge you an exorbitant amount for their work - that's just overkill. Why spend extra money on unnecessary, redundant "protection"?
After some installations at a local body shop, word began to spread about our new protective film. We received phone calls from folks all over the United States, asking the same question: how can I get the same protection on my car? With some more effort we were able to design a package that allows anyone to apply Clear Bumper on their own vehicle. This easy-to-use self-installation kit is what we have to been shipping out across the country and worldwide since 2005!
Even with the introduction of our self-installation kits, there are plenty of people who would prefer that a professional apply Clear Bumper for them. If you'd like to find a local installer, please see the "Our Dealers" section. If you'd like to be an exclusive Clear Bumper Distributor, please see our Distributorship section and please contact us for further details.
Clear Bumper - the best protection you'll never see, since 2005! 

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