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The best protection you'll never see!

Distributor Opportunities

If you need any additional details, kindly feel free to call us at 800 475 2375 for detailed wholesale details.

Become a exclusive distributor in your area

We have everything you need to get going and start making money today.

This is NOT an MLM & NOT an affiliate marketing opportunity. We are offering a chance to own a real business.


Take a look around the town you live in and see if the vehicles bumpers are being damaged due to parking. We bet they are! So be the first in your area to offer the protection people are looking for. We will not offer more then one distributorship to your area. We are expanding our distributorship channel and need motivated individuals and companies to help meet the market need our product has created.

With annual vehicle sales of nearly 16 Million in the United States alone, the need for Automotive bumper protection is rapidly growing. There is simply no better time to then now to take advantage of this expanding market.

Our web site is seen by thousands of customers monthly who may be intimidated to install a paint protection kit on their own. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach customers in your region. We will send customers to your website, email, phone number, or physical location. We have invested a huge amount of time and resources to keep a steady flow of new customers visiting our site daily.

We provide training and marketing support for the right individuals. These products are unique and technologically superior to other products in the industry. We have a proven and very successful track record and with our marketing materials that we sell you at cost will get your started in the right direction today.

If you have computer skills then you can make even more income while your sleeping. We will make you your own personized website and you can start making money today.

You might be asking why we are doing this. It's simple, we want to grow, we want the product to grow, we want the industry to grow, and we need the right people to help make it grow.

Because we limit the number of people in territories, you are guaranteed a captive audience and minimal competition. That means you can offer our product that consumers can pretty much only get from YOU, thus minimizing their ability to get them from competitors.

We are only interested in your success. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

Why wait for someone else to get your area? Take the first step and give us a call. Toll Free : 1-800-475-2375

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