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The best protection you'll never see!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should you expect after installing ClearBumper?
A: There is a 3-week curing period after the installation. During this time, there may be visibility of slight blemishes and clouding which is normal. Over a matter of days, these blemishes "breathe" out as the ClearBumper Paint Protective Film cures. Following this "cure" period, you should feel free to wash, wax and maintain their vehicle just as if there were nothing on it.

Q: After the curing period, will it be noticeable?
A: Clear Bumper paint protectors are transparent but not completely invisible; there will be slightly visible lines at each end. We recommend viewing your application from a distance of 10 feet.

Q: What about the long-term effects of the sun?
A: ClearBumper has a built in UV inhibitor protective coating that protects the vehicle's paint from harmful rays. It will not yellow, crack, or peel.

Q: Do I have to cut the film on my car?
A: Each car's bumper is different in length. We suggest after fitting you cut with scissors to round ends. We recommend to always refer to installation guide.

Q: Are there special tools required to do the application?
A: With each order you also receive a two rubber squeegees, one water bottles, two lint free towels, one snap blade and installation instructions.

Q: What if my bumper is already damaged?
A: If your bumper has minor damage and the paint has a blemish, you can still use Clear Bumper. We have a touch up process that we can do before installing your ClearBumper Strip. You must specify when making an appointment that you will need touch up, and the installer will get in contact with you.

Q: When I want sell the car or return a lease can I remove it?
A: YES! To remove, all you have to do is heat it up with a hair dryer and and start peeling it off.

Q: Can ClearBumper be custom cut to exactly fit my bumper?
A: YES! Custom cuts are available. Please call Mark at 800-475-2375 for more information.

Q: Do you have any guidelines for selecting the ClearBumper Strip sizes?
A: All strips are five feet in length. You need to measure the height of the flat surfaces and order accordingly.

We take great pride in our products and know that you will benefit from our ClearBumper strips. Preserving the original look of your vehicle and will enhance resale value down the road.

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