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Installation Instructions

You don't have to be a mechanic to install our product. Just make sure that the bumpers are clean. Then using a simple water solution, applied to both the ClearBumper strip and the vehicle, place the strip on the vehicle and move into position. Remember to keep material, vehicle and fingers wet to avoid premature adhesion. Then simply squeegee the excess air and water from between strip and vehicle. That's it!

What You need for Bumper Strip Installation


The recommended tools for installation are included in your ClearBumper kit.

  • (2) Two Squeegees
  • (3) Three lint free towels
  • (1) One Box Cutter
  • (1) One Spray bottle
  • Soap Solution

In the bottle provided fill ¾ with water. Add 3 to 4 drops of the liquid soap provided. The solution should feel slippery, not slimy. If the solution is not slippery enough, add a little more soap. If it is too slimy, pour out some of the solution and add more water. (if you run out of soap we recommend using "no more tears")

Installation Step by Step

* We have installers available. 800 475 2375

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