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The best protection you'll never see!

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Bumper Install Step 1

Before ordering online we recommend that you measure the height where you're going to install our ClearBumper strip.

Step 2

Bumper Install Step 2

With the Alcohol solution spray the bumper and wipe dry with a soft cloth or towel to remove any foreign matter such as dirt, etc.

Step 3

Bumper Install Step 3

Remove the ClearBumper strip from box and check to make sure proper size before starting. Most bumpers have break points where you can use the lines to make an even layout.

Step 4

Bumper Install Step 4

Roll out the strip to see length. You might want to trim the edges before installing if the strip is to long, however you can always cut it after you lay the strip on the bumper.

Step 5

Bumper Install Step 5

After you have checked length, take the soap solution you made and put in spray bottle and spray bumper. Make sure you spray water/soap solution past the area your strip is going to cover.

Step 6

Bumper Install Step 6

Place strip on trunk of car and start to peel back edge. Once you peel small section back start to spray water/soap solution on strip. (Please note: Once you start to peel backing off the strip it is essential to keep it wet so the adhesive sides do not stick together).

Step 7

Bumper Install Step 7

Keep peeling back 12 inches at a time and spray with solution.

Step 8

Bumper Install Step 8

You can use the back of car to let it hang on while spraying.

Step 9

Bumper Install Step 9

After you have removed the backing from strip your ready to install on the bumper. At this point, make sure you have enough solution on strip by giving it another spray.

Step 10

Bumper Install Step 10

Place the ClearBumper strip on the car bumper.

Step 11

Bumper Install Step 11

Once on bumper, you can move it around to your desired fit.

Step 12

Bumper Install Step 12

Now once strip is in proper position its time to squeegee out solution and air bubbles. Squeegee out from top to bottom, wiping clean with a cloth as you go.

Step 13

Bumper Install Step 13

Squeegee around corners. Take your time at this point and do a little section at a time.

Step 14

Bumper Install Step 14

Once you have all the solution out you can trim the edge to your desired style using scissors or a razor blade. (Please note: Using razor blade you must be careful not to cut into the paint.)

Step 15

Bumper Install Step 15

After strip is installed you can take one of the towels provided and place over edge of squeegee and wipe the bumper dry. This is helpfull if you see edges with moisture still remaining.

Step 16

That's it! Almost undetectable.

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