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The best protection you'll never see!

Why Clear Bumper?

Modern vehicle are extremely susceptible to paint damage, especially on the front and rear end. Large painted bumpers and slopping hoods combined with EPA mandated water-borne paints mean that it takes less than 1,000 miles on average for your new car to get its first chip or bumper blem.

Rather than laboring over a traditional bra, putting it on and taking it off each time you wash the car, a ClearBumper strip is installed once and left there for as long as you want it. Plus, ClearBumper does not harm your clear coat as most traditional bras do. ClearBumper matches your car no matter what color because your paint's brilliant shine right through.

If your parking on city streets, your cars bumpers will eventually get a major amount of parking blems on them. It is almost impossible not to bump the cars that are parked in front of you or behind you. There is just not enough room in most cases to either park or pull out properly.

No matter how nice you keep your car it will ruin the look of it if left unprotected. Take a look around, you will see what were talking about. Our product will stop the parking rash and keep your bumpers looking new.

For those who lease their vehicle it is very important to keep your cars appearance in perfect shape since you get charged for reconditioning when lease expires and you have to return to dealer. The cost could be as high as $800 to repair and paint bumpers. Pay a little now, or much more later.

Don't settle for 1st or 2nd generation paint protection films and poorly designed patterns. A competitor may offer a poorly designed pattern (with 3M film) and you will end up unsatisfied with the fit, it if fits at all. Our ClearBumper strips are 14 mil's thick, 5 feet long and very in height, so they are very easy to install. You don't have to be a mechanic to install our product. Just make sure that the bumpers are clean. Then using a simple water solution applied to both the ClearBumper strip and the vehicle, place the strip on the vehicle and move into position. Remember to keep material, vehicle, and fingers wet to avoid premature adhesion. Then simply squeegee the excess air and water from between kit piece and vehicle. That's it!

We take great pride in our products and know that you will benefit from our ClearBumper strips. Preserving the original look of your vehicle and will enhance resale value down the road.

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